Company Profile

Since the establishment of Smart Business Solution Ltd. in 2007, we have been persistently innovating

the product and service ranges we have available in the safety and security industries – our greatest

successes being in the areas of fields of road traffic safety and environmental protection.

We are truly an international company, with clients and partners hailing from Western Europe, the

Americas and Central Asia. Among our ever-growing partner and supplier list, we are proud to be

working with many blue-chip clients, such as 3M and GE. At SBS we pride ourselves in our ability to

foster productive and long lasting client relationships. This is thanks to our core business principles of

added value and buyers satisfaction.

Despite being such a young and minimalistic company, we managed to weather the recent economic

crisis due to our flexible structure and overall fluid business model. In the contemporary business

environment, this very same structure now allows us to provide bespoke services and products for our

customers and clients – whilst still being able to handle high volume orders and requests.

Since 2012 our teams have consisted of: an active Chinese commercial channel; software, hardware

and firmware developers; graphic teams; road traffic experts and a metal and material machining

workshop. At SBS, we are constantly searching for ways to expand the range of products and services

we can offer.